You have the talent to achieve whatever you Desire!

Are you feeling doubt about a goal that you want to achieve?  If so, then know this. If you have the Desire to do something, that’s Nature’s way of telling you that you have all the necessary talent inside of you to achieve it.

See, Desire is manifested Power. And it’s our job to take that Power and use it to take action so that we can get momentum at achieving our goal. See, we don’t have to be like those ducks over there. Ducks and animals, they live by instinct. But we get to choose.

So, here’s the other thing. The Universe meets us where we are. So, if we’re stuck and we’re not doing anything, and we’re not taking any action at all, then the Universe has no place to meet us. But when we do something…even if it’s the smallest thing… then the Universe has a place to meet us. And before we know it, we start to build momentum.

And, when we take action, what naturally just happens is it comes to us what’s that next thing to do. If we needed something, suddenly a resource appears, or we get the inspiration. Or we get the knowledge. Someone says something to us. It’s just the way that stuff works. So, there you have it. If you have doubt, KNOW that you have the talent to achieve whatever it is you want to do. But it’s up to us to use our POWER and take action!

Nancy Regan

I'll teach you how to bring your goals alive and create the life you want by defeating: Fear, Negative Thoughts, Perfection, Overwhelm, and Comparison.
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