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Presentations and Workshops that Embolden People to Bring Their Goals Alive.

Through dynamic, inspiring, and entertaining Keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops, audiences are empowered to create the lives they want.

Nancy entertains and connects with attendees through fun and engaging audience participation.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Join me for free Online Success Sessions designed to inspire, achieve, and soar.

Free 90-Minute Session

Read a Book in an Hour

Success Read a Book

Tsundoku: A Japanese term that describes the act of buying books but never reading them.

I didn’t know my “affliction” had a name! Join me for this 90-minute Workshop and you will:

  • Absorb the main the points of your chosen book
  • Garner new ideas and inspirations to move you closer to achieving your goals
  • Determine if it’s worth reading cover-to-cover.

Session will be scheduled soon. Register Now for updates.

Free 75-minute Session

Vision Board Workshop

Success Vision Board Session

What you focus on directs your thoughts. And your thoughts create your Reality.

I learned the secret behind why a Vision Board works.  Join me for this 75-minute Workshop. You will:

  • Discover why a Vision Board is a key to achieving your goals
  • Create your own Vision Board using simple techniques
  • Learn how to use it to heighten your thinking and strengthen your will

Session will be scheduled soon. Register Now for updates.

free 60-minute session

Practical Planning Session

Success Planning Session

Time is more valuable than money. Your life circumstances are a result of how you use your time.

I heard Mary Kay Ash say, "A confused mind does nothing."  In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to get your thoughts organized by getting them off your mind and on to paper
  • Develop a practical plan to achieve your goals
  • Discover how to stay focused when enthusiasm wears off

Session will be scheduled soon. Register Now for updates.

Keynote Speeches

Keynote 1

Title: Stand Up to the Most Powerful Enemy to Empower Your Reliability Culture and Vitalize Your Purpose

Our most powerful enemies are invisible. They lurk in the shadows and when we are inspired with a meaningful purpose, they can become even stronger. They pounce and use all their might to strangle us, unless we confront them effectively. Join Nancy as she reveals how to defeat the enemies and embolden yourself.

Nancy shares how to use your newfound (personal) authority to inspire commitment from team members and to foster a Culture that vitalizes objectives.

Keynote 2

Title: Your Inner Success Mechanism - Bring Your Goals Alive by Discovering What It Is and How to Operate It

Do you have a goal (personal or professional!) that you are really passionate about but haven’t acted on yet? If so, you are not alone. You can achieve your Heart’s Desire because you were born with an Inner Success Mechanism. Here’s the catch; it’s simple - but not easy - to operate.

Join Nancy as she shares the “operator’s manual” to your Inner Success Mechanism. Once you discover what it is and how to operate it, you can bring your goals alive.


One-Day Workshop (Can be conducted Live or Online)

Crush the Obstacles and Bring Your Own Goals Alive

All human beings have a very special purpose in life and achieving that purpose is simple - but not easy - because humans are subject to Duality.  For example, there is good and evil, and joy and sorrow.  One cannot exist without the other.

The problem is that Duality offers up our most powerful enemies. Their job is to get in the way of achieving our Heart's Desire.  That's why we must learn techniques to battle them so we can bring our goals alive.

The invisible obstacles are: Fear, “the Voices,” Overwhelm, Comparison, Perfection, Comfort, and Negative Thoughts. In this workshop, attendees learn powerful techniques to manage them so they can become emboldened to bring their own goals alive.