Don’t Waste Time Doing This!

My mentor taught me that time is our most valuable asset.

And I think that, as human beings, one of our biggest time wasters – and I’ll speak for myself – is looking back and dwelling on mistakes we think we made or dwelling on regret that we may have. All that is nonsense.

So it’s very important that we all stop that right now.

Besides, you never know. You may be able to look back in your own life. Sometimes a mistake we think we made actually launches us to the next level or brings us to a place we needed to go.

So, grab today by the you-know-whats. Forget about regret. And do not look back. And whatever you have in your mind – your goal or your dream – just go for it!


Nancy Regan

I'll teach you how to bring your goals alive and create the life you want by defeating: Fear, Negative Thoughts, Perfection, Overwhelm, and Comparison.
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